Latest Web Development Trends & Strategies of 2021

E-Commerce Web Development In Ahmedabad

There are a million businesses and billion websites around the world. How is your website different from the others? Website features and design tools are continually evolving, and so are the websites. More and more websites are giving way to web apps for ease of use.

Ecommerce website development services are already using the latest technologies, such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc. The most significant impetus is still on data security, UI/UX, and faster loading of the website but many new trends will be noticeable come next year.

  1. Load time

If your website is innovative but doesn’t load quickly, its ranking is slated to take a hit. Faster load time is a critical contributing factor for UX design. Infinity scrolling and lazy loading continue to rule the roost. While the former is an excellent feature for a single-page layout website, the latter ensures that the page doesn’t necessarily get loaded with all the data without the user scrolling to the bottom, saving up on the load time.

  1. Chatbots

Another prevailing trend that is here to stay is a “chatbot.” Powered by AI and Machine learning, these chatbots are slowly evolving to become more human-like, both in their interaction with the user and their sense of comprehension.

  1. Appealing UI/UX

Gone are the days of mundane and boring user interfaces and designs. Today’s websites are visually more appealing and loaded with better features.

Several factors like color contrast on a page, better usage of a white background to make content pop out, more use of graphics, dynamic scrolling, background images/videos to add to the look and feel of the business, better icons, etc. are just some that are making a huge difference.

Ecommerce website development services are also increasingly using more interactive tools like user surveys, contests, and opinion polls to engage the customers.

Websites of 2021 shall be more thumb-friendly, meaning placing options on the mobile app/website, which the thumb can reach easily. It sounds like a small one but is a game-changer for better customer experience!

Another great add-on has been a voice-enabled search feature that significantly cuts down on entering data manually by typing in.

  1. Micro Animations

Another good change to the otherwise dull plain layout of the websites has been Micro Animations, which helps guide users through the website using tiny animations?

This trend will make a world of difference in the way websites look and add an element of zing to them, hence increasing customer engagement levels.

  1. Colours

What makes a website aesthetically appealing? Colors – sober, bright, fresh, sometimes light-hued, and occasionally bright fiery. When websites started, there was almost always an element of ‘formal’ in the design.

In 2021, e-commerce website development services are expected to focus more on the perusal of colors depending on the user’s mood and the brand’s focus area.

  1. Hero Images, Hero videos

2021 will see more Hero images and Hero videos to convey the brand’s goal and intentions. Hero image/video, as the name suggests, means putting all the spotlight on one eye-catching image or video that essentially captures the soul of your brand/business.

  1. Dark Mode

This one truly is a game-changer. Not just to reduce eye strain when viewing the website in low light, Dark Mode infuses the sleekness in the website design. Almost all leading social media platforms have already included this feature for the user to choose from.

  1. Augmented Reality

Many top-tier businesses have resorted to displaying products using VR or augmented reality, which is nothing less of a marvel in itself. With this great feature, users can not only view their favorite product but be able to view it in 360-degree.

  1. Tailor-made content

Personalized content is another crowd puller for a website. If you saw the same content every time you visited a website, the chances are that you will gradually lose interest in the website and scout for a fresher perspective.

Take, for example, an e-commerce website that displays product recommendations based on your recent purchases or reminders to buy a recently viewed product. Such custom content boosts the conversion rates and ensures higher customer engagement with the brand/product.

Hence, there is no doubt that such intuitive UI/UX designs elements will be a more significant focus area in the times to come.

Key Takeaways

So, web development is changing and evolving. The year 2021 promises to be an exciting year. Making it all possible is a goal for every web development company in Ahmedabad!

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