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QA & Testing Services

Our expertized testers and QA professionals test your applications to spot errors, exceptions, workflow challenges, and issues that hold your software behind.

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With Aagite Technologies, you can test on an extensive range of devices and operating systems. This means you can ensure your applications operate flawlessly across all your user’s devices.​ Furthermore, we are a reliable partner among industry leaders. Our teams have delivered the best software testing services that every business requires to be successful.

As an all-inclusive design, development, QA and Testing company, we have a proven track record of assisting businesses to grow swiftly. Our software testing services assist you in enhancing your application development procedure with the use of the latest automated QA tools and professional testing services.

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At the Cutthroat

Technology progresses continually. It is tough to keep up with day-to-day new devices and software. If you require a QA and testing partner, move ahead with Aagite Technologies.

Manual Testing

We enable manual testing services with our own processes that are carried out physically. Manual testing is the most reliable when compared to other methods.

Automate Testing

Automation testing assists in performing tests in a shorter time period when matched to other testing methods and accomplishes swift time-to-market.

Unit Testing

In unit testing the smallest testable components of an application, known as units, are separately and sufficiently tested for precise operations.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is an explicit software testing practice that makes sure an application still functions as anticipated after any programming updates or enhancements.

Gorilla Testing

Gorilla testing repeatedly pushes inputs on a specific module with particular test cases to make sure it is functioning fittingly and that there are no errors.

Performance Testing

Performance testing comprises of capacity testing, volume testing, scalability testing, stress testing, endurance testing, reliability testing and load testing.

Success Stories

At Aagite Technologies, our practiced QA & Testing team has executed a series of successful projects. Feel free to discuss your projects for Testing and QA methodologies.

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Our Process

At Aagite Technologies, we will work as your trusted Testing and QA partner to ensure you release higher quality software, and we steer all this by following the below process.

Requirement Gathering

We follow the priorities of gathering project requirements, enabling skilled resources and insights to commence your project.

Wireframing and Design

We craft delightful designs with the newest tools of designing to realize an optimum and user-friendly experience.


We follow a precise software development process dividing development work into smaller, equivalent, and progressive steps.

Quality Assurance

We evaluate software applications and their components to check whether it meets precise project requirements or not.


Our process comprises five stages: Deployment planning, development, testing, deploying changes, and tracking.


Key Benefits

Software development entails diverse stages and requires a timely testing procedure to avoid errors, bugs and enhance software quality.

Enabling modern-day software product QA testing tactics throughout the development procedure can assist you in identifying and resolving mistakes at the earliest. It backs in having a competitive benefit over other similar service providers.

Any security leaks in data would cost you more than you anticipated. Software quality assurance testing facilitates you to investigate all phases of the development procedure and cross-check the possible vulnerabilities.

You cannot forecast errors and flaws while working on software development. The software app testing enables you to identify its performance under multiple loads, separate devices, and product architectures to evade unexpected breakdowns.

The more clients you have, the more profit you can obtain. With quality software testing, you can fix faults instantly and advance your product quality further. If there are no glitches in your product, you can steer more sales profits than your competitors.


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The aim of QA and software testing services is to make sure that software completely meets requirements and user base expectations without any errors or flaws.

QA and Testing are not the same. QA is the broader strategy that comprises Testing but much more and embraces a much more inclusive set of stakeholders. In contrast, Testing is focused on finding errors and code excellence within a technical domain.

The categories of quality control solutions include process control, control charts, product quality control and acceptance sampling.

oUnit tests
oIntegration tests
oFunctional tests
oAcceptance tests
oPerformance tests

QA & Testing adds worth by having an impact on your business reputation. QA and testing processes assist in communicating to the client that everything likely is being done to safeguard that the software is of higher quality and will meet the requirements.

Other Services

Hire our best software developers to develop higher quality web and mobile applications with really immersive development, testing and QA processes.

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