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Custom Software Development

Our teams deliver custom software development services to empower your business processes across multiple industries and specific domains.

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At Aagite Technologies, we are successfully delivering custom software development because of our unfailing commitment to provide superior quality IT services and enable the finest solutions to clients’ requirements. We assist your company with comprehensive software development services from business analysis to requirement gathering, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Our team facilitates the core functionality for the business procedures in focus and improves the software with exclusive software features and abilities for your individual needs. We craft custom software that offers centralized storage for precise data and also handles cross-departmental collaboration. Our developed software is accessed by numerous users and has a thoughtful hierarchy of user roles and consents.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code
SQL Server
Azure Devops

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As a practised custom software development service provider, we provide an extensive range of technology services that meet your explicit operational and business needs.

.NET Development

With .NET, our technology specialists develop custom software solutions that help you in dealing with your business needs.

.NET Core

Our expertized .Net Core development services assist you in meeting all your custom software development requirements.

MVC Development

We provide full-scale MVC application development solutions for all types of custom software development demands.


We develop cross-platform software development solutions with Electron using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for our varied clients.


We are a custom software development company and enable WPF UI framework for developing Windows desktop applications.


We build Stand-alone software that is not bundled with other IT solutions, nor does it need anything else to operate across applications.

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At Aagite Technologies, our skilled software development professionals have executed a series of fruitful projects. Feel free to discuss your custom software ideas and concepts.

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Our Process

At Aagite Technologies, we build personalized software development solutions that have advanced features, enhanced usability, and precise compatibility following the below process.

Requirement Gathering

We follow the priorities of gathering project requirements, facilitating skilled resources and insights to originate your project.

Wireframing and Design

We craft pleasant designs with the newest tools of designing to realize an optimum and user-friendly experience.


We follow a specific software development process dividing development work into smaller, equivalent, and advanced steps.

Quality Assurance

We evaluate custom software and its elements to cross-check whether it meets project requirements or not.


Our process includes five stages: Deployment planning, development, testing, deploying variations, and tracking.


Key Benefits

Custom software development through the newest technologies is not easy. Our expert developers in India work with you to facilitate your dream software development project.

The principal reason for building custom software is your organization wants to own the IT solution. With our custom software development services, companies can run the software functionalities, data and build methodologies for your project.

When an organization offers more customized solutions, it adds added value to the business and client relationship. Such added value brings client loyalty, more stakeholder satisfaction and enables customer retention.

Off-the-shelf software is simpler to hack, as most leverage open-source code. Attackers are already aware of the weaknesses of such software, although custom-developed software is a safer and close source project and is dedicated to your users.

Companies can make alterations anytime to personalized software as per the demands of the business. With project scalability, you can later add new features to your custom software which might not be necessary to add to your initial scope.


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Software consulting services
Software development services
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API development services
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It is custom-made to the exact requirements of your business
It is a long-term asset and gain for your company
It is scalable and advances as you grow

Software development costs diverge reliant on numerous factors such as requirements, type and size of the software project and the needed development resources.

A custom software development project time may differ from 3 to 10 months or even more, conditional on the difficulty of the software and the project structure. Each phase of the software development procedure takes a diverse range of time as per the project demands.

By corresponding your solution to your necessities, a custom software development company can effortlessly blend it with your current and futuristic business processes, making it much simpler to scale up as your company matures.

Other Services

Hire our best app developers and programmers to develop higher quality web and mobile applications with a really immersive development and user experience.

Hire React.Js Developers

Hire React.Js developers to develop custom web, mobile and desktop software solutions using current technologies.

Hire Angular Developers

Hire Angular developers to build a highly secure, scalable, and reliable software application for your development projects.

Hire .NET Core Developer

Hire our .Net core developers to craft web and mobile software solutions using the finest .Net technology.

Hire Node.Js Developers

Hire our Node.Js developers to build custom software solutions leveraging advanced and modern technology.

Hire iOS Developers

Hire our iOS developers who have proficiency in building feature-rich mobile apps for your selected devices.

Hire Android Developers

Hire our Android developers who can take your mobile application perception from idea to practicality.


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